Web Development Course

In this Web Development Course you will learn about back-end web development which includes the front-end development also. This course will cover on how to design and implement your ideas and skills in to web development to build dynamic websites which and do some real work. This course partially focuses on theory and completely focused on practical classes.

Web Development Course Overview:

This course is a project based course. Which implies that everything you build and learn will be implemented directly onto a project. In this course we will teach you how to build your own CMS (Content Management System). As a project you will build a student management system or an academic management system where you can use the CRUD system to store and manipulate data. Below are the subjects covered in this course.

Web Development Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction: Introduction to Web Development.
  • Building Web page: HTML & HTML5.
  • Styling Pages: CSS & CSS3.
  • Adding Interactivity: JavaScript, Live form validation.
  • Interactivity Advanced: jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery jQuery Mobile.
  • Responsive Web Design: Bootstrap v3 & Bootstrap v4.
  • Dynamic Pages: PHP & MySQLi.

Web Development Course Duration: 

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )

This course will help you build your career as a web developer. You will be able to build dynamic applications with the help of all the above applications for Building websites. In order to take this course you need to have a basic understanding of PC’s and Computers. Everything else you will learn in our Web development course training.

This training program on web development includes both Bootstrap v3 and Bootstrap v4 training. You will learn to build responsive dynamic websites with these applications. Also with the help of jQuery mobile you will be able to make a mobile web applications. we will be using PHP and MySQLi as the back-end server to our mobile based web app.