PHP MySQL Course

In this PHP MySQL course you will learn how to build dynamic web applications with the help of very popular web programming language PHP. We will also learn how to store and manipulate data with databases in MySQL. Here you will learn how to make use of the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in and with MySQL database.with the help of PHP we can send and read any data that is a parameter in the URL.

PHP MySQL Course Overview:

This course is focused on candidates and students who already have a basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is not mandatory to have this skills, but would be really helpful in this PHP MySQL course. Since every data is outputted in the HTML format. It will be very helpful to convert and make them look nice.

PHP MySQL Course Syllabus:

  • PHP: Introduction
  • Installation: Apache, MySQL on Windows & Linux
  • PHP Basics: Variables, Comments, InBuilt Functions
  • Data Types: Variables, Strings, String Functions, Integers, Floating Points, Arrays, Array Functions, Booleans, Switching and Casting, Constants
  • Statements: If, Else, Else If, Logical Operators, Switch Statements
  • Loops: While Loops, For Loops, Foreach Loops, Continue, Break, Array pointers
  • Functions: Global and Local variables
  • PHP Advanced: PHP Debugging
  • PHP Web Pages: Links & Urls, Get and Post values, Encoding for HTML, Building Forms, Cookies, Sessions, Headers and Page Directions, Include and Require.
  • MySQL Basics: Creating Databases, PHP-My-Admins, Connecting PHP with MySQL Database, Accessing data with PHP
  • CMS: Blueprinting, Building CMS Database, Relational database, Work Area, Building Pages Dynamically, Reusable page assets, Dynamic Navigation, HTML based selection.
  • PHP MySQL CRUD: Creating Data, Reading Data, Updating Data and Deleting Data.

PHP MySQL Course Duration:

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )

This course is focused on building dynamic web applications for websites and RWD web applications. Here we will learn in-depth about PHP and MySQL. The main aim of the course will be to build an web application like Student Management System which can be used to store data within the MySQL database.