jQuery Course

In this jQuery course you will learn how to add advanced interactivity to your site using a JavaScript library jQuery. This course will help you learn complete jQuery the most popular JavaScript framework available till now. Here we will cover the step by step procedure with complete practical training in how to use jQuery and implement in your website projects.

jQuery Course Overview:

This course is cover with multiple sections and multiple chapters to make you better understand how jQuery works. All the topics are covered in practicals and in Real-Time scenario which will help you build smooth and fast jQuery applications.

jQuery Course Syllabus:

  • jQuery introduction, Selectors, Events
  • jQuery Effects, Show / Hide, Fade, Slide, Animation, Stop, Chaining, Callback
  • jQuery Manipulation, Get / Set, Insert, Remove, CSS Classes, Style Properties, Dimensions
  • jQuery Advanced, Traversing, Ancestors, Descendent, Siblings, Filtering, Ajax, Load, Get / Post, No-Conflict

jQuery Course Duration: 

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )
  • Course Duration: 45 Days

Course Requirements:

This course requires a prior knowledge in how to build websites with the help of HTML and CSS. Most of the effects are covered in just CSS3 only and jQuery covers what is included in the jQuery documentation and usability.