InDesign Course

In this InDesign course you will learn how to use InDesign for Publishing, print publications. You will learn how to use InDesign to create interactive PDF documents. This InDesign course will help you learn the important parts of building an E-Magazine. Learn how to use InDesign for print publication in creating rich typographic layouts.

InDesign Course Overview

InDesign is a great tool when it comes for magazine design which includes a lot of Typography. You will learn how to collect data from users by building interactive PDF applications. With the advancement of integration now you can use Photoshop and Illustrator to connect with InDesign to make the work more and better together.

InDesign Course Syllabus:

  • Text Tool, Graphics Tools, App Windows, Navigation, Panels, View Quality, Display
  • Make a Simple Page: New Document, Saving Tools, Margins, Guides, Bleed
  • Managing Pages, Page size, Master Pages, Over rides, Page Numbers, Sections
  • Texts, Select Texts, Special Characters, Important Text, Threading, Columns, Inset, Grow frames, Text paths, Story Editors, Spell Check, Find and Change
  • Design a brochure: Graphics, Links, Editing, Image Transparency, QR Code
  • Formatting Objects, Fill Stroke, Transparency, Drop shadow, More FX, Eye Dropper.
  • Colors, New Color, Unamed Color, Gradient, Apply Blend
  • Frames & path, Corners, Polygons, Outlines
  • Managing Objects, Stacking, Layers, Layer Objects, Lock Groups, Nesting, Aligning, Text Wraps, Anchoring
  • Transforming Objects, Duplicating, Rotating, Scale, Skew, Mirroring Objects
  • Character formatting, Advanced Characters, Change Case, Fonts
  • Magazine Design: Paragraph formatting, Spans, Drop Cap, Tabs, Rules, Bullets, Numbers
  • Styles, Paragraph Styles, Characters Styles, Redefining, Object Styles, Quick Apply
  • Make a Category table: Tables, Adjust Rows, Add Rows, Add Columns, Table Formatting, Table Styles
  • Long Documents
  • Make a Interactive Document: Interactive Documents, Hyperlinks, Interactive PDF, Forms, Epubs
  • Packaging, Printing, Exporting

InDesign Course Duration:

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )

InDesign Course is a Part of Graphic Design Course which is a course completely based on Job Oriented and comes with 100% placement assistance. InDesign course alone cover all the tools and techniques required you to master the vector design or Digital design in career.