Illustrator Course

In this illustrator course you will learn the most basic to an advanced part of the complete illustrator software. From beginning to an complete end design of any print media or even digital design, illustrator is famous for its creativity. In this Illustrator course you will learn all the tools required to master the skills in illustrator and build great designs.

This illustrator course can be used to become a Graphic designer, print designer, UI designer and many other platforms. The idea of learning Illustrator is to build your creativity and boost you design skills to a maximum level.

Illustrator Course Overview:

This course covers all the aspects of learning illustrator from beginner to an expert level. You will learn the fundamentals, intermediate and also the advanced level of illustrator. This course is design earn every tool available in Illustrator.

Illustrator Course Syllabus:

  • Document Controls, Sizing, Angles, Art-board Panels, Rulers
  • Drawing, Line Tools, Create Guides, Arc Tool, Building Shapes, Polar Grid, Line Tools Advanced, Filling and Stacking, Spiral Tool, Tracing
  • Shape Tools, Ellipse Tool, Compound paths, Multi-point Star, Rounded Rectangles, Split location, Axis
  • Constraint Axes, Building Arrow Head, Flare Tool, Tilde key Trick
  • Image Tracing, Embed Image, Dynamic Link, Auto tracing, Layers, Threshold Option, Noise Option, Expanding Paths
  • Fusing Shapes, Resolution independent, Transformation, Tracing Template, Polygon tool
  • Dragging, Duplicating, Scale Tool, Rotate Tool, Grouping
  • Painting Tools, Outlines, Paths, Shape Builder, Isolation, beveled edges
  • Type Tool, Margins, Flowing text, Point Text, Adjusting Type, Paragraph indent, Kerning and tracking, Glyphs
  • Point type to area
  • Drawing Anything, Straight sided paths, Connecting open paths, Add or remove anchor paths, Curvature and rounded corners

Illustrator Course Duration:

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )

Illustrator Course is a Part of Graphic Design Course which is a course completely based on Job Oriented and comes with 100% placement assistance. Illustrator course alone cover all the tools and techniques required you to master the vector design or Digital design in career.