HTML5 & CSS3 Course

In this HTML5 & CSS3 Course you will learn how to build a website from scratch. Every website on the entire www (World Wide Web) is build on a base of HTML or HTML5. It doesn’t matter which language is used to build the back-end. But when the website is hosted it is always rendered in HTML and CSS on the browser. That is what makes HTML and CSS most essential in web platform.

HTML5 & CSS3 Course Overview

  • HTML Elements, HTML Formatting & Semantics, HTML Attributes
  • HTML Styles, HTML Colors, HTML Links, HTML Images, HTML Meta Tags, HTML Comments
  • HTML Forms, HTML Tables, HTML Image Maps, HTML iFrames, HTML Entities
  • HTML Layouts, HTML Scripts, HTML Website Templates
  • HTML5 New Elements, HTML5 Semantics, HTML5 Migration, HTML5 Style Guide
  • HTML Canvas, HTML SVG, HTML Google Maps
  • HTML Media, HTML Video, HTML Audio, HTML Plug-ins, HTML YouTube
  • HTML Geolocation, HTML Drag/Drop, HTML Web Storage, HTML Web Workers, HTML SSE
  • Introduction to CSS, CSS Syntax – How to Code CSS, How to add CSS to a Website
  • CSS Class Selectors, CSS ID Selectors, CSS Font Properties, CSS Text Properties, CSS Height & Width Properties
  • CSS Background Code, CSS Border Properties, CSS Margin Properties, CSS Padding Properties
  • CSS Positioning, CSS Float, CSS Layers, CSS Flexbox & Grid
  • CSS3 Properties, CSS3 Functions, CSS3 Data Types, CSS3 @-Rules, CSS3 Selectors, CSS3 Animatable Properties
  • CSS3 Color, CSS3 Color Codes, CSS3 Tutorial, Flexbox Tutorial, Grid Tutorial, CSS Media Types, CSS Media Features

HTML5 & CSS3 Course Duration:

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )
  • Course Duration: 45 days

HTML5 and CSS3 Course covers everything you need to know about building a website. This course is also mainly covers the structured data markup and also semantics elements available in the HTML5. Structured markup helps search engines like Google and Bing to properly index site into their search index.

Subjects included in this course is also covered in Web Designing Course