Graphic Design Course

Graphic design course in one of the most widely searched and enrolled courses all over worldwide. Here in ZINFOMATIC we provide high quality training and certification in graphic design course. We provide training to students in industry standard course material covering everything which is required to become a professional Graphic Designer.

This course can be taken as a short term or part-time courses. Graphic design course is designed as a job oriented course to provide you placement in major companies with industry wise practical and real time experience. We also provide project based training. Which mean when you learn a new topic you actually get to apply it in real world on a real clients design.

Graphic design course Overview:

In this course you will learn the major applications used in Graphic Designing or Visual Designing. You will learn how to use industry software applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. This graphic design course will teach you the in-depth uses of graphic design software’s.

Graphic design course syllabus:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design & Illustrations
  • Photoshop: Learning to Edit Raster Images / Photos, Image Manipulation
  • Illustrator: Creating Illustrations, Icons, Logos, Business Cards, brochures and Digital Media Publishing.
  • CorelDraw: Exploring Print Media Tools and Print Design artworks
  • InDesign: Digital Publishing Application

Course Duration:

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )


There is no specific eligibility requirements for this course. If you know how to use a computer and some basic fundamentals then you are good to go for the Graphic Design Course. Basic understanding of sketch will be added as an advantage to learn.

Graphic designing course is one of the most popular courses on the internet right now. We see graphic design almost everywhere now. Starting from small chocolates to a big company ad. Graphic is the most common way of communicating with the world where no language is required where graphic do the talking.

In this graphic designing course you will learn professional tools like Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign to create these designs to get the most creative output for graphic works. Creativity is the key to build any design. Here we will teach you how to use your creativity to get the most amazing designs from beginning to an advanced level.

This course is main divided into four sections covering all the major applications required for graphic design. These application are professionally used in every companies starting from small scale to large scale.

Section 1

Photoshop – This is the most common and major application used in every company for making any image manipulation design or mock-ups. This course will cover the essential requirements to learn advanced Photoshop and master every tools available in the application. You can check out Photoshop course individually to learn just Photoshop as a certification course

Section 2

Illustrator – In this subject you will learn the main important concepts of making UI Designs and app mock-ups and many more other designs. This course will cover every design tools available in illustrator. You will learn about both digital media printing and flex printing and publishing technologies. You can take illustrator course as a certification course.

Section 3

CorelDraw – when it comes to print media InDesign and CorelDraw both play an hand in hand role in making and building designs in application for flex or digital printing. CorelDraw is a widely used application in many countries for making illustrations and design for printing like T-Shirt printing and flex banner printing. CorelDraw course can also be taken as an individual certification.

Section 4

InDesign – Print and publication is where the entire digital and traditional marketing aligns. With the help of InDesign course you can make a publication book, PDF and many more designs like magazines. You will unleash the most of InDesign in this course.