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Web Design Course

Web Design Course – In this course you will learn Photo Editing, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Web Weaver. You will also learn how to design and build your own website will all front end languages. You will learn how to use web based languages to build a beautiful and creative websites.

Web Design Course Training in Bangalore Banashankar

Web Design Course Training in Bangalore Banashankari

What you will learn?

S.I Subject Name Hours
1 Image Editing for Web 6 Hrs
2 HTML, HTML5 20 Hrs
3 CSS, CSS3 10 Hrs
4 Bootstrap 10 Hrs
5 Web Weaver 10 Hrs

Course Duration:

S.I Duration Mon – Fri Sat – Sun
1 3 Months 2 Hrs 4 Hrs

What you should know to learn Web Design Course?

In order to complete this courses your need to have a clear understanding of how to use a PC. It’s more than enough to learn web design course. Everything else will be trained by us. Our courses completely rely on projects and practicals.

What you need to know before you join web design course

What you need to know before you join web design course

What you will be able to achieve after this course?

You will be able to create any website with or without a framework. Let me break it down in an easy way. In web design course when you start learning about photo editing, you will be able to edit and manipulate editing tools in the application.

In the process you will next learn how to work with HTML5 and CSS3 course. In this subject you will learn the most essential fundamentals to make an immersive website in frontend. In CSS3 you will be able to make a complete frontend framework with grid system and other options with media query.

The next step is a big one. In almost every company which now exists almost everyone uses Bootstrap as their framework. It’s easy to use with advanced grid functionality.  With the help of bootstrap you will learn how to make a front end for any website with full functionality of bootstrap.

The final step is a very easy one. That’s because we will be working on a web builder to make websites. You will learn how to make a website in matter on minutes or hours.

Applications Covered:
Web Design Course

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  •   The real time projects are the highlight of this institute. its just like learn and earn..

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Our Clients

We also build companies and college projects. The base of the projects are completely on web site development projects. Below are some of the projects we have built.