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In this PHP MySQL course you will learn how to create your very own CMS from scratch with the help of PHP MySQL. You will also learn some basic HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

What you will learn? – PHP MySQL Course

S.I Topic Name Hours
1 Variables, Echo, Data Types 2 Hrs
2 Strings, Constants & Operators 2 Hrs
3 If Else, Switch statements 2 Hrs
4 Loops, Functions & Arrays 2 Hrs
5 Date Time, File Handling 4 Hrs
6 Cookies & Sessions 2 Hrs
7 Filters & Error Handling 2 Hrs
8 MySQL Introduction 1 Hrs
9 MySQL Connection 1 Hrs
10 Create MySQL Database & Tables 2 Hrs
11 MySQL Insert & Read Data 2 Hrs
12 MySQL Update & Delete Data 2 Hrs
13 CRUD system 4 Hrs
14 Build Web Application 10 Hrs

Course Duration: PHP MySQL

S.I Duration Mon – Fri Sat – Sun
1 1 Month 2 Hrs 4 Hrs

Skills Required for the Course PHP MySQL Course

Having the right skills to design and develop any website is like making an idea come to life. If you have already learn HTML and CSS you might already know that your site cannot be dynamic. Or your site can’t interact with the server to send or receive updates or other stuff.

That is where dynamic website development comes into light. There are many programming languages that can make this possible. But one programming language has been ruling the servers since a very long time. Its PHP, PHP has been in a very long run to create and build functional dynamic application of the web. For an example let take FacebookFacebook is a web application which is so popular that almost 85% of the world right now is using it. PHP as its core language Facebook is more stable and reliable.

Why learn PHP MySQL Course

Bigger search engines like Google and Bing recommend on being active on Facebook. In working with that Facebook also uses MySQL as its database. Which is quite easy to use and manage and more of it, it’s the most secure database with great popularity right know.

What you will learn in RealTime PHP MySQL Course

OK, this is what we will learn in PHP MySQL course. First you need to have some skills in HTML and CSS. PHP and MySQL outputs data in plane HTML. It’s a good idea to have minimum skills in HTML and CSS. In case if you are planning to learn HTML and CSS first you can check out Web Designing Course.

The PHP MySQL Course Process

First we will complete all the essentials and fundamentals required to know in PHP and with the help of MySQL we will start building and PHP application. We will first make a simple CRUD system (Create, Read, Update and Delete). Where you will learn how to create data and insert it into MySQL database. Then you will learn how to output the data in the form of HTML. Once you are able to output the data you will then learn how to update the data in MySQL without getting into the backend of PHPMyAdmin. Later you will learn how to delete the data from the frontend.

Build Web Application PHP MySQL Course Course

Once you have the skills of the CRUD system you will build your very own CMS. A simple Student or Employee management system. Where you can Add candidates, Update candidates, or even Delete candidates data using a simple HTML output.

Now our simple CRUD system is ready we will now look into authentication. Here we you will learn how to create users and log them in using a Registration and login form. Once you have the skills you will be able to make any kind of web application with the help of PHP and MySQL.

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