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This Graphic Web Design and Web Development Courses with SEO covers the complete Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development and SEO Training In-Depth.

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GWDDS Course

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Course Syllabus:

With GWDDS Course you will Learn the most advanced Web Development Courses to become a Web Designer / Developer. Web Design & Web Development Courses are one of the most popular Courses out there right now. This course will help you to learn Web Design and Build Dynamic Websites all together. This course is focused completely on projects and practicals. Here you will learn everything you need to know about how to build an dynamic and mobile friendly website. From start to finish. You will learn everything from a beginner level to an advanced level.

GWDDS Course (Syllabus):

Here are the list of tools and applications you will be using to learn this web design and Web Development courses (GWDDS Course).

  • Image Editing for Web Design.
  • HTML & HTML5 Practical Training
  • CSS & CSS3 Training with RWD (Responsive Web Design) Concepts.
  • JavaScript Training with Interactivity
  • jQuery Training (jQuery UI, jQuery Plugins Included)
  • Bootstrap (v3 & v4) Training.
  • Web Weaver (Professional Web IDE training)
  • PHP & MySQL Training with Web App Development
  • WordPress Course Training (Build Dynamic Applications)
  • WordPress Theme Development Training (Build Responsive Themes for WordPress)
  • SEO Training (Integrate On-Page SEO to make site SEO Friendly)
  • Live Projects (Build Ecommerce & Job Portals)

This course is complete practical on Web Design and Web Development Courses has a lot of design and development projects. Which is assured to provide your the required skills and practice to become a successful web developer.

You will learn more on how you can use the web applications and tools to build a better and more optimised websites. We will also cover on how to use the Schema markup tags to make your site more readable by search engines to rank higher.

Course Projects (Web Design & Web Development Courses):

After completing this course you will be assigned with multiple live projects in Web Design. The Web Development Courses are also available as the short term course. Which also follows the required tools to learn. Some of the Examples of live projects are:

  • Building a Website for Real-Estate Agency – HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Develop Student management System (CRUD) Application – PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap
  • Create a Custom Blog, Classifieds Websites & Job Portal – WordPress
  • Build Responsive & SEO Friendly Websites – WordPress Theme Development, SEO
  • Make an Online Booking Web App – WordPress, PHP & MySQL


Course Information:

GWDDS Course Details & Information

  • Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Saturday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Class Hours: 2 Hrs
  • Course Duration: 4 Months
  • Course Type: Certification / Job Oriented / Placement

Note: This GWDDS Course is a complete Real-Time and Project based course covering everything in detail.

Course Overview:
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