Graphic Design Course

Learn in-depth about Job Oriented Graphic Design Course. Master the skills in Image Editing Applications, Vector Applications, Digital Art Applications and improve you creativity.

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Graphic Design Course

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Course Syllabus:

Out of many Designing Courses, Graphic Design Course you will master the most advanced tools used by professionals. So what is graphic design? In simple answer it is the language of visual communication. We will use professional tools to create and design creative artworks in this Graphic Design Course.

Graphic Design Course (Syllabus):

This Graphic Design Course syllabus is designed and organised by professionals to provide the perfect concept of visual art.

  • Color Theory: Color Modes, RGB, CMYK
  • Visual Views: 1 point View, 2 Point View, 3 Point Views
  • Raster Editing: Editing Photos, Images, Creating Designs
  • Typography: Fonts, Kerning, Letter Space, White Space.
  • Image Manipulation: Adding Effects & lighting, Image Edit with Effects
  • Image Formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF.
  • Animation: Creating Animations with Images.
  • Vector Design: User Interface Overview.
  • Vector Graphics: Create Icons & designs
  • Print Designs: Business cards, brochure, catalogue, magazine.
  • UI Design: Creating UI Designs for Mobiles and Apps.

This course is customised to make you a complete professional in using the Graphic Design tools. As a graphic designer you should be able to work with the professional tools of graphic design.

We have categorised the graphic design courses into Long Term course and Short Term Course. The long term course you will be able to learn with flexible timing. As in Short term course the course has to be completed in a chosen specific time. You can also check out our blog section for graphic design tutorials.

Graphic Design Course (Designing Courses) Projects:

Every Designing Courses have a project to complete and so does graphic design course.  After completing the Graphic Design Course your are requested to complete the given assignments and projects in order to get placements and certification from the institute. The projects are as follows:

  • Make a Raster Image Scene – Raster tools, Color Theory
  • Make an Image Manipulation – Image Editing and Color Balance.
  • Create a Website Mockup – Raster Design.
  • Build Vector Graphics – Business Cards, Icons, Catalogue, Brochure
  • Publishing – Magazine Design.

After completing this course the best next choice would b getting to know about web site designing. Web Design course will cover and also will help you in getting your work online to showcase it online. If Coding is not familiar to you. You might like WordPress course which has no coding.

Designing Courses Job Opportunities:

Unlike other courses Designing courses are very easy to learn. The best part is that job opportunities are just too awesome. You can get into any designing company as a graphic designer.

Course Information:

Graphic Design Course Details & Information

  • Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Saturday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Class Hours: 2 Hrs
  • Course Duration: 3 Months
  • Course Type: Certification / Job Oriented / Short Term

Note: This Graphic Design Course is a complete Real-Time and Project based course covering everything in detail.

Course Overview:
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