Typing Class Training Course

Learn to Type Faster with Typing Class Training Course. Learn Advanced Typing. Course Duration: 2 Months, Course Fee: Rs.3,000/-

Rs.1,500/- Rs.3,000/-

Course Duration: 2 Months

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Typing Class Training Course Details

Course Syllabus

This course is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Training Course. All the syllabus is designed by industry professionals for better education & implementation.

  • Introducing Words & The Vowels E, U and I
  • Left Hand – words using F R E D
  • Right Hand – fingers 1 and 2 using letter J U I K
  • Both Hands – words
  • Phrase Typing
  • 3 Key Letters: T G & H
  • Left Hand – letter drills
  • Right Hand – letter drills
  • Both Hands – letter drills
  • Both Hands – words
  • Letters: W S L O Y
  • Left Hand Drills – focus letters S and W
  • Letters: V B N M
  • Focus on TOP ROW VOWELS with V, B, N and M
  • Capitals! + letter C & punctuation , .
  • Creating motor memory from letter D to letter C.
  • Type these phrases using the right little finger for the semi-colon.
  • letters A P Q Z & X
  • Punctuation , . ; ? – ( ) { } [ ] ” ! TAB, SHIFT, CAPS LOCK
  • Additional Drills Common Letter Combinations
  • Mastering Left & Right Shift Keys
  • Left and Right Hand Shift Key
  • Left Hand Emphasis – Right Shift Key
  • Right Hand Emphasis – Left Shift Key Plus, colon, comma, full stop, exclamation mark!
  • Punctuation and Left Hand Shift Key. Colon ” : “
  • Comma and both shift keys.
  • Full Stop. Exclaimation Mark!
  • Useful word drills
  • Left Hand Only – Short Words
  • Left Hand Only – Longer Words
  • Right Hand Only Words – Shorter and Longer
  • Words with alternate Left and Right hand letters
  • Upper Character Practice
Course Details
Complete course details of Typing Class Training Course for more details get in touch with us.
Course Duration 2 Months
Class Hours 1.5 Hrs
Batches 4 Batches Available
Course Type Certificate
Course Fee Rs.1,500/- Rs.3,000/-

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    Nice training.. friendly environment for learning.

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    One of the best training i have seen ever. Great management and well trained faculty

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