Bootstrap Course

In this bootstrap course you will learn both Bootstrap v3 and Bootstrap v4 a Responsive web design framework.. Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks available on the internet right now. Almost every companies websites are built with Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a complete framework for building websites. It includes components for HTML, CSS and JavaScript for building easier and responsive websites.

Bootstrap Course Overview:

We have included both Bootstrap v3 and Bootstrap v4 in the course syllabus. Older versions of Bootstrap are still very popular and still maintained well. This course will help you learn the most advanced features of Bootstrap. This is a Front-End framework and we have covered the course in step by step procedure for you to better implement in your future websites.

Bootstrap Course Syllabus:

  • Bootstrap 3 Introduction, Grid System, Fixed layout, Fluid Layout, Responsive Layout
  • Typography, Tables, Lists, List Groups, Forms, Input Groups, Buttons, Buttons Group
  • Images, Media Objects, Icons
  • Navs, Navbars
  • Panels, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Labels & Badges
  • Progress Bars, Jumbotron, Wells, Helper Classes
  • Bootstrap Advanced, Modals, Dropdowns, Tabs, Tool tips, popovers, Alerts, Stateful Buttons
  • Accordions, Carousels, Typeahead, Scrollspy, Affix
  • Bootstrap 3 Build a Responsive Bootstrap Website
  • Bootstrap 4 Introduction, Theme Integration
  • Layout, Grid, Media Objects, Utilities for Layout
  • Contents, Reboot, Typography, Code, Images, Tables, Figures
  • Components, Alert, Badge, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button Groups, Card, Carousel, Collapse
  • Dropdowns, Forms, Input Groups, Jumbotron, List Group, Modal, Navs, Navbars, Pagination
  • Popovers, Progress, Scrollspy, Tooltips, Borders, Clearfix, Close Icon, Colors, Display
  • Embed, Flex, Image Replacement, Position, Screenreaders, Shadows, Sizing, Spacing
  • Text, Vertical Align, Visibility, Migration

Bootstrap Course Duration: 

  • Monday – Friday: 2Hrs (Week-days: )
  • Saturdays: 4Hrs (Week-ends: )
  • Course Duration: 45 days

In order to take this course you need to be familiar with HTML5 and CSS3. We also provide course for HTML5 and CSS3 . Prior knowledge is mandatory to take up Bootstrap course. The contents of the course are directly from Bootstrap Documentation.