Top 5 Best tools to rank higher in Google

There are so many tools out there which help you boost you SEO to rank higher in Google. But most of them are paid.

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Top 5 Best tools to rank higher in Google

There are so many tools out there which help you boost you SEO to rank higher in Google. But most of them are paid. Let me get straight to the point. Have you ever heard of AMP?. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is a new way how Google solves the bulky slow loading pages. Most of the interesting contents lose visitors due to bulky and slow loading pages. AMP provides the unique way of loading a website page in just a matter of seconds.

Google recommends web developers to update their websites regularly with unique content. But what if you are not a web developer and you used a CMS or a website builder to build your site. Well there is one way if your using WordPress this is very useful to you. But consider a really good theme for your site which is well coded and structured with schema markup.

Here I will introduce you to some tools which you can use in your WordPress site. These tools have helped me to build my site. Well am a developer so I built my own theme and used Google structured markup data to add schema and Jsonld to my site. Here are some tools which can help you do the same without coding.

Theses tools are good enough to get your site well structured and have an on page optimised website. Let me give you a complete details on what these tools do and how it will help you in ranking higher.

#1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

This is the most popular tools used for SEO on WordPress. Yoast SEO has been installed by more than a million+ websites and has more than 10,000 high rated reviews. Yoast SEO manages to install and configure basic and most essential requirements for on-page SEO. But to use all the features you need to buy the premium version of the plugin. It also represents you with a demo of how your page will look like on Google with title, URL and description.

It also has an amazing option which is quite useful called focus keyword. You can use this to target and rank higher for a specific keyword. It also adds up the basic schema markup required for your site and the setup is quite simple and easy to configure.

#2 Schema for WordPress

Schema for SEO

This plug-in is a life saver in WordPress. It has all the required schema markup to enhance your site with rich markup data. Setting up this plug-in is also very simple and easier. Schema is very important when it comes to SEO. These make-ups are what Google looks for to understand your site.

Schema helps search engine to understand what your site is about and what does all of your website is about. Google reads these data and analyses the rich data in your site. If you wanna know more about schema markup check your this Google introductions to structured data.

Rich contact widget

I just love this tool. This plug-in help you add a contact widget on your site. The best part of this plug-in is this widget has built in structured data of local business, email, phone and vcard option which helps users to download your contact and and it in your phone.


This plugin does what actually every suggest you to do on your site that is minify. Minifying the HTML, CSS and JS is done perfectly by this plugin. I have seen it also combines css files which is actually a good thing. I would really recommend you this plugin.

Wp Fastest Cache

google page speed insights

This does everything what has to be done on a website the right way. This minifies your site, create cache, and also has photon cdn which actually increase img delivery 10x faster. I have seen better improvements after installing this plugin.

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