Google’s new design for Chrome

Google has got a new design for chrome now. It was exactly 10 Years ago google released google chrome browser. The new design for chrome browser includes lot of new features like Rounded shapes and tabs, a fresh new color palette and some updated icons. Google is updating its browser which includes a new user interface and some prompts, nav menus, URL designs in the address bar o match the new design. It’s a really in-depth overhaul.

Chrome New Design

The most noticeable change is the rounded corners on tabs. Google had not updated the design of the browser for a very long time. Alongside the new design of the browser, Google is also celebrating Chrome’s 10th birthday. The company has also updated its game called Dino Game Easter egg, that appears when there’s no internet connectivity, to include birthday cakes, party hats, and balloons. It’s a fun addition.

Chrome New Design Suggesion List

Google is also hinting,  what the next 10 years of Google Chrome might look like. While Google has been integrating machine learning into the Chrome browser to detect phishing, malware and spam sites, the company has plans to make its chrome browser even more smarter and smoother with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).

Google imagines scenarios where if you search for a song you will get the bio of the singer, an upcoming concert about the singer, and the ability to buy or purchase tickets in Google Chrome Browser. Google is also looking to improve activities like vacation or holiday planning. where you have to juggle multiple tabs and documents, to make it easier to switch between hotel resorts and research and booking flights.

Google is also making some great changes to how auto-fill works in Google Chrome. This is the latest version of Google Chrome Version 69, will more accurately fill in passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers into forms and store this information in a Google Account. Google is also improving and updating its  password manager that will automatically generate and suggest a strong password for sites when you sign up to them. Google Chrome will then can store this password and make it available on both desktop and mobile