5+ Important Google Algorithms Explained

List of all Google Algorithms and how they work. How you can make use of these to rank higher in Google with Best SEO Practices. Google Algorithms Complete.

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5+ Important Google Algorithms Explained

Google is best known for its Search Engine and its Algorithm. If you do not know what is Google Algorithms. it’s a of google to improve search ranking and eliminate bad practices to avoid spam websites. If you’re a business owner and wondering how you can improve your website’s SEO, read this for simple tips on what to do (and what not to do!).

Google Algorithms for Better Search Results

These updates impact on website rankings in many different ways. Despite of all the changes, one thing has remained constant forever creating high quality content which gives readers and site visitors value is the most effective and relevant way to show up on page 1 of Google.

#1. Panda Update

Google Algorithm Panda Update

Panda is wise. he believes you should earn your rank. Panda’s don’t like duplicate content (that means no copies content no plagiarism). Don’t bother with keyword stuffing. They are far too smart for that.

#2. Penguin

Penguin Update

Penguin is the life of the party. He believes in linking up with high quality friends. You can’t buy his friendship (That means no paid links). He doesn’t like spammers or fake posts.

#3. Pirate

Pirate Update

Pirate is no thief or for say a pirate. You will find your site thrown overboard if you are caught with sharing pirated or copied content. stay away from websites which are high in copyright infringement reports

#4. Hummingbird

Humming Bird

Hummingbird is intuitive. She understands the meaning behind the search. She looks for concepts over keywords. So write for the readers and not for the robot.

#5. Pigeon

Pigeon Update

Pigeon is a homebody. she keeps it local, so you better get yourself on the map. She likes when things are straightforward and simple. Avoid inconsistencies with your address and info.

#6. Mobile Friendly

Responsive Update

Mobile Friendly is a simple update. it makes sure when you are searching from the mobile phone, the search results will be mobile friendly. if you want to rank for mobile search, get a responsive website.

#7. Rankbrain

Rank Brain

Rankbrain is artificial intelligence. it learns what is good content and what is not. You might need to work on your bounce rate and start increasing visits duration to impress the brain.

#8. Possum

Possum Update

Possum is all up in your business. He knows where you are and shows your results based on your location. There is not much you can do here. The closest business get the higher rank.

#9. Fred

Fred Update

Fred is smarter than your average Joe. He knows if your just trying to sell him something. Fred deranked content with too many affiliate links and ads. Shoot for quality content and your are good to go

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