Video Editing Course

Video Editing Course – In Video Editing Course If shooting is like generating the staple of a movie, the edit table is wherever the film finds its final processed and well packaged types. The Editor is that the one person who makes the ultimate choices concerning what must be seen and detected during a film, whereas additionally dominant its rhythm. extraordinarily technical and nevertheless hugely creative, a career in film and television written material is monetarily in addition as creatively satisfying. Read More about Video Editing.

Video Editing Course Walk through

The current trend is that the non-linear system that digitizes and saves the footage onto a computer disk drives. modern-day code permits this video and audio data to be viewed, modified, and eventually contend back in real time from the system, while not ever-changing the first rushes. The technology today is such it permits the Editor to directly broadcast his or her add full resolution from a digital computer or print it to celluloid, videotape or disk.

Our main aim in this course is to equip students with numerous functions, technology, trends, processes in films supported by practicals, comes and coaching to induce in-depth data and necessary skills for film and TV and movie sector.

Video Editing Course – The Process

  • Before getting into the course of video editing we will have a look on the introduction part on how video editing is done.
  • Introduction to who is a video editor and what is his working profile.
  • To start anything, we need ethics f doing the job. In this part we will learn the ethics of video editing.
  • Then we will get into coverage and short composition. Where we will see what is a coverage. And also what is a composition.
  • We will work on what is a shot and what are the types of lenses moments to work with.
  • After the edit of the video we will get in to how to work with continuity.
  • Once we have an idea of editing we will then get into complex editing.
  • We will then work on the video structure and transitions.
  • The difference between the track and the storyboard is important. We will have a complete in-depth analysis on track and story board.
  • We will then see how to work with external projects. How to import external projects into existing videos.
  • Building a scene is the prestige part. We will work on building a scene. With the help of video editing ethics, we will see how to plan a edit.
  • Finally, we will see how to add effects. And also work with different types of filters.

Video Editing Course Details

What is Story
What is an Editor
Ethic’s of Editing
Coverage and Shot Composition
Shot and Lens Moments
Rules of Continuity
Complex Editing
Structure and Transitions
Difference Between Track and Storyboard
Integrating External Projects
Building a Scene
Planning Edit
Effects and Filters
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