Graphic Design Training Course

Graphic Design Training Course. Visual design is a course, where you will learn how to work with images. You will be able to work with any type of images, edit the or even modify them. you will be trained with all professional applications, we make sure that you master them.

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The Training Process – Graphic Design Training Course

In this course the process is carried out in a professional software basis way. The students are expected to follow the graphic design training course process, as organized by the professional. In this course we will be covering a lot of subjects in depth. which may seem lengthy but are very useful in for the future of students. and also for the better experience in the subject field.

The process is as follows

  1. The course is as based on the software. So the classes will be based on completely practical’s. So there is no theory.
  2. Classes on image editing will cover the most of the work. With the help of Industry based image editing application
  3. Digital painting will cover the digital art making. Painting in software with the help of Wacom pen tablet.
  4. Matte painting will be cover using images and manipulating images. through image editing software to create and modify immense graphics.
  5. With the help of vector based software. we will see how to work with illustrations and build visually impacting typography and illustrations
  6. With the help of vector based application. we will work on how to work with print media application and their designs like business card design and many other works.

Graphic Design Training Course Details

Understanding Design Requirement and Audience
Research and Visual Exploration
Digital Photography Fundamentals
Digital Image-Editing Techniques
Introduction to Design Styles and Vector Graphics
Idea’s and Designing Print/Digital Marketing Collaterals
Designing Print/Digital Page Layouts and Structures
Designing Communicative Visuals
Print Production Techniques
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