Digital Marketing Training Course

Digital Marketing Training Course – Digital Marketing Training Course is a way in which you as an user will be able to market your product or a web page online to other online customers. in order to gain more revenue and more traffic to your site and business.

Digital Marketing Training Course in Depth

There are more than a billion website’s on internet. we all know it but when the user searches a particular requirement. the search engine gets him a relevant result your site might be included in that or not. Usually to get this we work on SEO. which is a lengthy process to carry and can take more than a week. but what if you want your site or product to receive traffic immediately and that is where a paid SEO comes in handy. or we can call it Digital Marketing (Online Marketing).

Building the Page

The first and prior step to take when marketing your products online is to get the customer to a perfect place where he / she could land on to read more about it and know more about it. we call it the landing page.

Spread the Word

You have a product and you have a site it is time to spread the word. now where would you find a bulk of people. well facebook it is one place where the user or customer is always present. in this course we will also look in to how to optimize and work with social media. like google plus, facebook and many other social networking sites.

Building Reports

It is always a good thing or a procedure to keep measure of how your strategy is going online. in this course for this step we will be using and advanced tool completely free from google the google analytics.

Digital Marketing Training Course Details

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Principles of Marketing
Digital Marketing: Tools and Metrics
Search Engine Marketing
Mobile Marketing: Incorporating Time and Space
Social Media Analytics