Basic Computer Skills Course

Basic Computer Skills Course – Learn the most Basic Skills  required to become an advanced PC user. Whether you’re using a computer at home or at work, you’ll first need to learn some basic computer skills. In Zinfomatic, we make sure that you learn the most advanced techniques, on  how to use a PC starting from how to type faster, to how to be a professional.

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Basic Computer Skills Training Course in Bangalore Banashankari Kathriguppe

Get Trained In What’s Most Important To Begin

Learn the most famous programs for your daily basis usage like,  Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power-point and Microsoft outlook, and also get trained how to make most of your work with PC’s and laptops,  Get enrolled for Basic Computer Skills Training Course and learn how to use a computer.

  • If your still using the old PC, and old techniques to complete your job, then its time to get upgraded to the new skills and build knowledge.
  • The faster the better, when it comes to computer skills you need to know how fast you can type. Learn the most advanced way of working with PC’s.
  • Get brilliant learn the most advanced way of utilizing your time and work and perform better. With our advanced training learn more and explore.
  • Become professional by learning with basic and advancing your way ahead to professional work. Explore the new techniques of PC’s

Basic Computer Skills Course – The Course Process

The process for completing the course in basic computer skill course is as simple as it could be, you dont need to know how to work with the computers, we will train you on that the process is as below.

  1. The Training for the basic computers skills course starts with the PC introduction.
  2. Complete system essential training with Hardware and software.
  3. Operation systems and their usage.
  4. Managing and maintaining Antiviruses.
  5. Installing and uninstalling software’s.
  6. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point.
  7. Internet and Email usability creating and managing emails.
  8. Microsoft Outlook for managing and maintaining emails

Basic Computer Skills Course Details

1 Introduction PC Components 3 Days
Operating Systems
Typing Master
2 Typing Master Typing Classes 15 Days
Microsoft Word
3 Microsoft Word Create a new document. 1 Days
Open, save and print a document.
Edit and format text. 1 Days
Change the page layout, background and borders. 2 Days
Insert headers and footers. 1 Days
Insert and edit tables 2 Days
Insert clip art and pictures to documents. 3 Days
Microsoft Excel
4 Microsoft Excel Creating Basic Excel Worksheet 5 Days
Performing Calculations in Excel 3 Days
Modifying Excel Worksheet 4 Days
Formatting Excel Work Sheet 6 Days
Printing Excel Work Sheets 3 Days
Managing Excel Workbook 3 Days
Microsoft PowerPoint
5 Microsoft PowerPoint Office Workspace Basics 2 Days
Introduction to PowerPoint 3 Days
Adding and Formatting Text 5 Days
Customizing Presentations 5 Days
Working with Shapes and Pictures 5 Days
Adding Objects and Effects 5 Days
Outlining Proofing and Printing 3 Days
Delivering Your Presentation 3 Days
Microsoft Outlook
6 Microsoft Outlook Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2 Days
Address Books 2 Days
Working with Messages 2 Days
Formatting Messages 2 Days
Working with Messages Continued 2 Days
Organizing Mail 2 Days
Using the Calendar 1 Days
Reminders 2 Days
Tasks 2 Days
Notes 1 Days
Sharing 2 Days
Advanced Features 2 Days
Advanced Features Continued 2 Days
Total   105 Days